Reflective Evaluation

Overall I am very happy with my website’s design, navigation, logo, branding and galleries. I had always had a rough idea of what kind of website I wanted and that was one that the design would let the photographs speak, as to me this is the most important part of the website. I feel that I have succeeded in doing this by a few different peoples responses in my class and also friends on Facebook who have had a look at it.

The design is simple, but I hope effective! Although this is the end of the module, I feel that I have picked up enough skills in Dreamweaver to carry on with simple editing of the design, or adding extra galleries (projects) to the navigation to keep my website up to date with my work, after the module has finished. I feel that this is important as photography is a very competitive field and so having a up to date website of my work is essential in the field.

I am going to take the feedback from my college (Peter) into consideration as I feel he made some good points on how I could improve the layout, for example I plan to make a space (gap) between the list of my image galleries and the ‘about’ & ‘contact’, this will make the ‘about’ & ‘contact’ defiantly stand out a lot more to the viewer, rather than at the moment they just look like they are at the end of a long list. I tried to prevent this from happening by using different size fonts, smaller size for the subheadings and larger for the main headings, but I now feel that the size difference is not big enough and they appear almost the same size, meaning the main headings are not as easily distinguishable as I had hoped they would look.

As I said in a post on here a long time ago, I planned to make two separate websites, one in Dreamweaver for my most professional photographic work (this one), and the other a more informal and day – to – day selection of less professional photographic work I do, for example photos I take every day on my mobile phone. I have not done the latter yet, which I plan to make in Lubith and WordPress, but I would like to make it in the next few weeks while my ideas and skills are still fresh. Hopefully this will give me a insight into how different it is to design, build, use, and maintain the different kinds of website building programmes.

I feel that this module for me has been so valuable as had I not done it I would defiantly not have a website with my name on it! And having my own logo and website makes me proud, I have just posted my (now live) website onto facebook for all my friends to have a look at. In todays digital age it is so important to have your business/company information on the WWW as it is such a valuable tool for instant access and information.

So please have a look at my website: