Going LIVE!

So, my website is working on Dreamweaver and I have checked it through the browsers and it all works fine.

Now I am going to go live, here is my process:

In Dreamweaver I go to Site>manage site> double click on the correct site.going, live, dreamweaver, how, to

Then the ‘site set up’ box will open and I click on ‘servers’, which looks like this:going, live, dreamweaver, how, to

This is where I add the server info who will be hosting my website. So I double click on the site ‘Alice’ and the ‘site setup’ box comes up where I enter all my private info and passwords. OnceI have done this I click ‘ok’ to go back to the main screen then click on ‘Expand to show local and remote sites’ in the bottom right hand box, then this box appears:Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 13.29.14I then click on the first button in the tool bar, which connects, then all the files appear in the left hand column as well as the right. DONE!


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