Making a CV

I am going to make myself a new CV that is relevant to the kind of creative work I would like to apply for after I finish my degree. Currently my CV is completely irrelevant as I have been working in hospitality and retail for the last 10 years. From the experience in hospitality I am going to take only one of the jobs I have done into my new CV as I feel that it is relevant because I was a shift supervisor and had a lot of responsibility.

I am going to firstly draft out my new CV in Word as I am starting it from scratch I want to make sure it is all spelt correctly etc, then once I am happy with the words I will take them into Photoshop and I can start playing around with how it looks and the layout, fonts, colours, adding my logo and branding.

Here is my finished version: (first page only)creative, photographer, photography, cv, curriculum vitae

I have made it A4 as this is the print size it will be, but I have made it landscape rather than portrait as this will mean its more easily read if viewed on a screen, which happens more and more these days like applying for jobs online. I have also designed the layout and branding so that the CV can be added onto my website as I have made a page especially for ‘About’ me. I have edited the one that is for my website slightly, the only thing that is different about the design is that it has no logo, as my website already has my logo in the top left hand corner, so I have moved up my info like phone number etc, please see below:CV, creative, photographer, photography,

To have all of this information on my website is important because it means that the viewer can get a little bit of background information about me and what kind of work I have done in the creative field. I feel it also makes the website more professional, not to look at, but because I have supplied the viewer with this additional information AS WELL as my photographs. In todays digital age most people have a camera and so there are millions of websites, blogs, intragram, Flickr & facebook groups that all peoples personal photographs get put online. So I hope that this information on my website will encourage the viewer to contact me if they like what they see.

I have also made two more pages which include my photography, I have quite a few different genres that I have done work in for example, portraits, landscapes, exteriors and interiors. And instead of cramming all types of genre into two pages I would make a page that was relevant to the job I was applying for. So for example if I was applying for a job in interiors and life style photography, I would include a page of my ‘interiors’ and a page of my ‘exteriors’ photographs. So here are my two pages of photographs in these two genres, but like I said I would alter which genre’s to include with my CV depending on what job I was applying for.

exterior, photography, photographer, alice, volk, camber, deserted, holiday, homes

interior, photography, photographer, rockabilly, hotel, pelirocco, brighton, sea front, holiday, rock, and, roll, americana, alice, volk, bungaroosh, designI have arranged the layout’s slightly differently only because they have different framing, but I feel that this works as it is important that all the images are the same size in my opinion as they are all from the same project.


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