Designing my business card

I am going to design a business card for Alice Volk Photography as I feel that it will be important to have them at both my upcoming shows this month.

I want the design to be very simple and I will be carrying my branding from my website onto it as well as this keeps my corporate identity consistent through all marketing materials. my website design was all in black and white as most of my photographs are also black and white, also I feel b&w is professional as colour can be a distraction.

I have made them the standard UK size and I have used my logo and branding from my website on my card and also one of my recent images that is in black and white on the back, this is the front: business, card, photographer, photography, design, layout, branding, logo, alice, volkand the back:business, card, photographer, photography, design, layout, branding, logo, alice, volk

It is times like this when I feel happy to have spent time deciding on my logo and branding because I am proud and happy with how my busniess card looks with the branding and logo from my website. I think that the consistent use of my branding is important because for example, if someone see’s my photographs in my show, then takes a business card, then later on goes onto to my website having already seen my logo and branding on the card, as soon as they see the website they will know they are in the right place as they will recognise my logo. This is always important because when you recognise something you get a sence of relief because its something you already know.


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