Logo Design, Navigation Typeface & Branding

I have finally decided on the font for my logo, I feel it is such an important part of this task as it is going to set my branding for myself as a photographer and my business potentially for the rest of my life, so after some careful consideration I have chosen one, here are the 3 finals:design logo branding web design font typeface

design logo branding web design font typeface design logo branding web design font typeface The first example was my original choice because it is the most plain of the handwritten styles. But I felt that it was too plain. The second example although I like it a lot I felt that it was to ‘cartoony’ and does not fit the style that I want to create for myself. The third example is my final logo design.

Why have I chosen a hand written typeface? I have chosen a handwritten typeface for my logo for a few reasons. I feel that my logo must be exactly what I want it to be to represent me, as a business/free lance photographer. And after looking through many different fonts and styles all the ones that stood out to me where handwritten ones and so after narrowing them all down I have chosen this one. Every letter is easy to read, and unlike the first example I particularly like the way the font is different thinknesses depending on if the stroke is horizontal or vertical. I feel that this handwritten stlye of font suits me because my photographic work is mostly fine art photography and that this suits this genre perfectly. I did not want any illustrations or symbols to show that i am a photographer (like a little camera icon) so I have chosen the word ‘photography’ as it is then explained exactly what I do.

To make my logo design so that it can be used over and over again and easily dropped on to another design such as a business card or similar I have made my logo a transparency at 300dpi. This is a large size because it means that I can always resize it to fit a small space and I know it will be good enough resolution for anything else I will need to use it for in the future.

design logo branding web design font typeface

Now once I have designed the logo the next most important design choice is choosing a typeface for my naviagation bar that suits the logo and feel of the website. Below is a example of what I have chosen, please note that the size’s of the words are not to scale of what will be used in the final website design.

design logo branding web design font typeface

I searched through many, many different fonts to find one for the navigation, and although i liked a lot of them this task was about finding one that went with my logo. This means it couldn’t detract from the logo, e.g. be more eye catching. I knew I wanted something simple and very easy to read, but I wanted something a little more detailed that regular styles such as Times, Ariel, Georgia, Veranda etc. So I have decided on this one called Fertigo Pro. I am very happy with it as its super easy to read and also having done some tests I know it works well to be used as above, in lowercase but also in all capitol letters. To keep consistency throughout my website I will be using this typeface for the titles of my photographs.

The example below shows my website at its current stage in Photoshop design, I have entered all the elements that I am going to include, this is the home page. I have also added my social media icons, as these are vital to stay linked up with many different websites and to stay connected to the WWW. I have chosen a simple grey as i felt that any colour would draw attention away from my photograph/hero image.

design logo branding web design font typeface photoshop landscape photography

So far I am very happy with my website designs and my next step is to locate all my photographs that I want on my website. Please note that the only thing about this example that is currently incorrect is the navigation, I have put ‘project 1’ & ‘project 2’ as a example but really it will have the title of a project that I will have included for example ‘abandoned chalets’. So I am going to decide upon which projects and photographs to use, and what genre or project they are in, then I can complete the navigation with the correct words. Then I am going to save all the photographs for web in Photoshop so that they are all of a correct size to use.


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