Navigation Inspiration


I am quite clear in my mind as what sort of navigation will look like, it will go down the left hand side of the page, here are some examples of other websites I have found that have inspired me and show what I like:navigation bar design logo branding web design font typeface This navigation is from

He is a photographer and the navigation, although the list is long is just many different projects of his work, then at the very bottom of the list under a gap is ‘home’ and ‘contact’, which I feel is too far down out of the way. I also think the choice of colours, gray on gray is not clear enough to read, especially with such a small size font. Although there are a few things that don’t work well in my opinion I like the list of different projects that can be clicked on easily from any where you are on the website.










navigation bar design logo branding web design font typefaceThis is from

Again like before this navigation has used a grey colour for the text but this time it has been divided up with lines, also it is all in capitols which I think works well as its easy to read. Another thing is that when you have clicked on what you want to go to, the text goes black, here I have chosen ‘portraits’. In this example the choice of the photographers projects (recent work, portraits and archive images’ then below that is news, biography, contact etc. I like this a lot more than the gap between them shown above as the viewer looks down the navigation and its all there and easy to see and choose where they want to go on the website. The two fonts chosen here between the logo at the top and the navigation are similar, but not the same, this has some consistency in the website.






navigation bar design logo branding web design font typefaceThis is from

Although you can’t see it all, after the logo of her name there is her occupation separated with //. As for the navigation she has used a black and white like I plan to so not murky grey’s, but she has used different size fonts and bold to show the different areas of navigation broken up. You cannot click on the ‘work’ or ‘about’ headings they are just headings, I find it strange she does not have a ‘about’ page as there is no information about her at all, just the blog and contact details. I like the way the navigation has headings to separate the areas of the website and also that everything is in capitols, I find this easier to read and think I will do the same.

I am going to try some different looks for mine with and without headings and depending on what font I decide on will determine if I do it all in capitals or not. Now I just need to find a font that works well with my logo!


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