Fonts for my Logo

I have collected all the different fonts that I would possibly like to use for my logo. To me this is the most important part of my website (apart from the image’s) as this is what will say most about me and the images will say most about my photography. I have focused on a handwritten style typeface but not a decorative one as that would be hard to read from afar. Here is a moodboard of the examples I will pick from:alice volk logo moodboard design

For me my favourite one’s are ‘beanpole’, ‘DK Pisang’, ‘DK Vermillion’, ‘beta-regular’ (centre bottom), ‘Aracne condensed’, ‘strange love’ and ‘somebody to love’. Although these are all quite similar to one another they are actually quite different. I had done some research from finding ‘strange love’ in a magazine and did some investigating into how I could find out what it was called and if I could acquire it for my own use or not. Eventually I got some response from the magazine and found out its name! Although in the mean time I had been looking at other font websites ( and so see what other hand written fonts were available, the choices are endless which makes choosing one even more difficult! As my logo is going to be just my name in black and a white background it is SO very important that I choose the right font that one works for me (I must love it) but also works well being viewed by other people (easily readable, not at all decorative) and at any size, so it must work as small as a business card up to a big poster (incase I become famous), and everything in-between like the website I am currently designing. I am going to condense the ones that I am considering down and then I can look at each one individually and for a closer inspection.

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