Typeface Moodboard

I have been researching different typeface’s and fonts online to find what kind of style I like, this is going to get me starting to think about my logo.

I have made a mood board of a selection of some of the most inspiring ones I have found, to view it click here.

What I find more interesting it graphic design that includes more than one font but that works well and compliments each other, for example this wedding invitation below has used 4 different fonts, but also each one has been used in a different size. When this is done well the text all works with each other and your eye reads because it flows. I think this invitation is beautiful as far as how they have incorporated the different fonts.

graphic design hand written web design logo font typefaceI have brought some of my favourite examples together here, below:typeface font design logo graphic web

typeface font design logo website graphic

So from looking at these two selections ‘party’ and ‘romantic’ fonts I have found lots that I like, but I am looking for one that will work well for my logo so I don’t want anything decorative or fancy or joined up like ‘burgess’ or ‘jelly’ as they are unreadable unless used for something that is meant to be hand written. I must prefer ‘swis 721’ and ‘frykas light’ as they are simple, not curvey or joined up and they are both easy to read because they are in capitals which is how I will be writing my name for my logo.


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