Statement of Intent

At this point in the module I am torn between using Dreamweaver or using WordPress. Obviously one is ment to be easier than the other but I am going to choose to use both. I have some clear ideas in my mind what kind of websites I like and have chosen to make two separate websites, each one will have a slightly different role.

Main website:

In Dreamweaver I am going to create myself a ‘online portfolio’ style website, this will be very minimal, mostly white with a simple logo of my name, this allowing all attention to go on my photographs. This will be where I put all my ‘proper’ work such as completed projects, assignments, including all genre’s of photography that I have done and will only include my very best work. This will be where I direct any people who are interested in my work, also it will be the website on my business card and all other professional materials and marketing. It will have my CV on the website too so potential clients can see my working background and then get in contact if they want to. This website will go live and will be the website I am completing for this module.

Second website: (ongoing process as I will be concentrating my time into completing the main website for this module deadline in may)

I am going to design another secondary website using WordPress. This website will differ from the main website because is going to be for me, it will be colourful and fun, informal but more of my day to day photography, for example photographs that I take on my camera phone out and about in my life, holidays, anything! This is where I will put photographs that I take that are not part of a project or assignment. It will have a different logo and be similar in style to a blog, informal and fun, but not a running commentary like blogs often are. It will have a few galleries of my photographs that will be galleries linked from Flickr so that I can update them easily and regularly. I feel it is important for me to make this second website for two reasons. First, I want to use Lubith and WordPress to make a theme for myself then build it as that I have a good understanding of how to use Dreamweaver AND WordPress. Second is because although it sounds odd as I am doing a degree in photography, I do not want to be a photographer, I want to be a stylist. A stylist plays an important part to a photoshoot and has a different role to a photographer and so although they are different roles, the end result is the same for a photographer and stylist who work on the same photoshoot, a stylists job is very creative but less technical than the photographers job on a shoot. So for me this website will be where I can have links to my work as a stylist,  also I make quite a few things and so I can put photos of things I make on here as well. I am going to design my own theme in Lubith then use WordPress to make it into a website. I am doing this as a on-the-side type of website, it will not go live for this module and am doing it for me to learn the WordPress process as well as the Dreamweaver process. Also I think its important to have a professional website for potential clients to see but also have a seperate informal website that can be how ever I want it to look and not have to worry about how professional it looks as those images will be on the other website. I am going to upload my research  and developments and design ideas for both websites onto this blog for my own development process.

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