I have made my own theme that would be suitable for WordPress using a website called Lubith. The easiest way to describe what is does is that it is as easy to create a theme as it is to use the programme ‘paint’. I think it is absolutly amazing and so easy to use its unreal. See the image below to see my one. I have chosen the colour combination as they are my favorite colours, although this one was just a sample one I made to see how it would look. I am going to keep practacing using this until I perfect the colours and Layout to what I want it to look like. Also once I have completed my logo I will be able to add that in and see how it looks. I like the idea of using one that I have designed myself because it means I will not have to pay for a theme, also it means that my WordPress website will be designed by me and therefore no one else will have the same one as me!

Image Click on this image to enlarge it!

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