Digital Image Manipulation – Editing Processes – Image 5


This image is of a dog outside the bunk house. Because the dog it in the centre of the image I am going to make him a feature of the photograph by doing a vignette frame. Here is the image before I edited it


The dog sits happily in front of the bunk house on a sunny day. The horses field is behind the dog, but you can’t see any horses making the dog the feature of the photograph.

I am going to make the editing on this photograph much more apparent than any of the others so far. The cameras used in 1880’s were a lot different to ones we use now and getting even the basic correct exposure was difficult, along with then developing the slide film correctly to the minute, which if done wrong would result in a under or over exposed photograph. It is common to see very old photos that are not correctly exposed for this reason so I am going to make this one underexposed, as well as a vignette frame using the dodge and burn tool. I also add film grain filter like I have done for all of the photographs previously.


Colour to Sepia Tone

So there are many ways to convert a colour image to black and white, but this one I am going to make a sepia tone. As I mentioned before I don’t want to use the Actions for creating the sepia tone every time as I feel that they will look to samey, so I am going to do it myself, this gives me much more control to exactly what tone of orange/yellow I want. circle ranch western cowboy americana photoshop techniques postprocessing digital manipulation


So in this screen shot is the sepia tone applied to my photograph. I have done this by going to Layer> New adjustment layer> Colour Balance, then this box comes up. Making sure I am only altering the mid tones in the ‘Tone’ drop down box, I then slide the top bar towards red and the bottom bar towards yellow. I can nudge these until I am happy with the sepia tone. I am only changing the mid tones because when you add sepia to a photograph in the darkroom, only the mid tones are affected. Only the bright white and black stays the same. You can see in the screen shot the in the sky the part just above the trees is still white, it is burnt out, this is unaffected by the colour balance, but above that burnt out strip is some detail in the sky, clouds, this has taken some of the sepia tone.

Layer Blending is what I do finally to the image, I have chosen quite a dramatic scratched and old looking texture, then applied a layer blend, as I have done in the posts before this. Below is my before and after photographscircle ranch western cowboy americana photoshop techniques postprocessing digital manipulation

circle ranch western cowboy americana photoshop techniques postprocessing digital manipulationI have used a very abrasive texture for this photograph, also I have made it quite dark. The reasons for the under exposed-ness of it is mentioned above, but I thought I would add to this more by adding in the scratches making it appear like it has been manhandled many times over the 100+ years since it was taken. I am happy with it because it stands out from the rest of my photographs because it is so dramatically different. I even added in at the end the splodge of liquid in the top right hand corner to resemble a spillage of chemicals in the darkroom or coffee.


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