Digital Image Manipulation – Editing Processes – Image 4


This image is off the porch of the bunk house. It is a simple shot but includes some of the beautiful leather work done on the saddles so I have included it in my exhibition.


circle ranch western cowboy americana photoshop techniques postprocessing digital manipulationThe editing of this image I have made it black and white, added film grain but this time I am going to use a filter from a set of filters made for Photoshop. They are all different from each other, and what is better about these filters compared to regular filters on Photoshop is that they come in a program that opens in Photoshop. So in the program you have many many options to choose from while you are adding the filter, such as …///////

The program and filters are called Machine Wash and are made by Mister Retro, so from the name you can tell that he designs filters to add to photos to make them look old/aged/vintage/worn/retro etc. Have a look at his fantastic website here. And the Machine Wash effects examples here. He does a lot of design work, posters, vector art, apps, as well as Photoshop filters. He also does what he calls ‘permanent press’, stating “Realizing that printing technology has left printed work without the texture, soul, or the spirit of vintage printing, Mister Retro created Permanent Press!”. Have a look at the examples of what these filters do here. Personally I think that his site design is amazing, it fits in perfectly to what he is selling, plus his filters are designed thoroughly. See the program and all of its options below in my examples when I use it.

Machine Wash Filters

photoshop editing process ranch cowboy western theme photo machine wash deluxe

This is a  screen shot of the Machine Wash window that comes up when I use it. Filters>Machine Wash> Machine Wash No1. There are about 100 different filters on Machine Wash, I have included this picture to show the amount of different options it gives you when applying the filter. It allows you to choose the ‘wash scale’ and ‘wash intensity’. It also gives the Preview on the right so you can see what you have selected looks like immediately. So from this example shown you can see my image is black and white but the filter I have chosen (scratches) is showing as brown, so I have changed the Base Colour and Highlight colour to pale grays so that the filters colours match my black and white photograph. It also has the option to rotate the filter which is very useful.

So I could have used these filters for all or some of my photo editing, but I haven’t because I feel it is more effective to do things buy hand, such as brushes, scratches and layer blends. I have added in this one as I feel that the ‘scratched’ filter works well for my project.

After Machine Wash had done its thing I felt that the photograph didn’t have enough contrast, so I used the dodge and burn tool, as I have done in previous editing on the photos for this exhibition, but this time I found out something new. I realised because I already had the Brushes box up that these options were also available to use whilst using the dodge and burn tool, giving a much softer result as dodge and burn doesn’t add a colour but just lightens or darkens. So below is  the brushes palette open, to control the size of the brush, bigger or smaller I use the keys [ and ]. See screen shot belowcircle ranch western cowboy americana photoshop techniques postprocessing digital manipulation So here I have only added in a little more contrast, darker to the top shadows and lighter to the middle where the saddles and porch is.

Here is my before and after below it

circle ranch western cowboy americana photoshop techniques postprocessing digital manipulation

circle ranch western cowboy americana photoshop techniques postprocessing digital manipulation

I am happy with this photograph, I think that the Machine Wash filters are really good and easy to use, also because you have so much more control over the effect it will do to your image, so you can go over the top or just add a subtle difference. Its good to know whats out there on the internet and although a lot of textures and filters are free, Machine Wash doesn’t come cheap, but this is worthwhile because of the amount of control it offers you whilst working.

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