Digital Image Manipulation – Editing Processes – Image 3


This image of the hanging tree is quite a desolate and eerie photograph already, I want to bring this out more so when I edit it. It is already quite bleak so I feel that I can add in some suitable textures like before, also I want to frame the image in a traditional (of the 1880s) way.

Another thing that I want to change with this image when I edit it is alter the exposure and detail in the bottom of the image (the ground). When photographing landscapes it is often impossible to get the correctly exposed image in the sky as well as on the ground, this is because they sky is always going to be much, much brighter than the ground, so it is necessary to dodge or burn one or the other (sky or ground) depending on where the image is correctly exposed. So for this particular image I need to lighten the ground, without lightening the sky as this is correctly exposed.

Firstly I made the image black and white by going to Image> mode> gray scale. Secondly added the film grain the same way I did in the previous photographs . Thirdly I found a textured image like I used on the other photographs which was scratched like a old mistreated negative to use as my background, then I did the layer blending like before, I chose ‘screen’. This made it look like this:



So I am happy with this texture, but I feel it is too intense So I change the opacity which starts on 100%, I have turned it down to 33%.


This is a digital image and so the quality of the photograph is different now to when a camera would have been used in 1880s, it would have been a lot less quality, as in the focus would have been different to what I can control on a digital camera in 2012, so I decided this image in particular was too sharp focus, so I add in a slight (only very slight) blur by going to Filter> blur> blur. Although the difference is subtle I feel that all of these subtle techniques add towards to overall effect I am trying to create.


I want to add a slightly cropped and curved cornered frame to this photograph as it was used sometimes in the 1800’s. To do this I use the Eraser tool and just mark off the areas that I don’t want there. Here is my final image below

Overall I am happy with this photograph. I feel that is says a lot because it is very different in content to all the other photographs, this one is bleak, empty and a little haunting. I think I have brought out the detail in the ground well without altering the picture too much, and I feel that the cut corners adds too it as well.

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