Web 2.0 Workshop – creating a logo

I am going to create a logo for ‘photocube’ using Photoshop. I am going to create it in the style of Web 2.0 and experiment using the various styles and rich surfaces and the letterpress effect.

To get a Web 2.0 name ‘photocube’ I went to www.dotomator.com which is a online name generator that allows you to choose what type of words to work with. To get ‘photocube’ I chose the word ‘photo’ and then selected ‘web 2.0’ then ‘combine’.

In Photoshop I go to File> new> 900×700 pixels 72dpi RGB. As in previous workshops I have used the character pallet to choose a font and size of the text, also to increase the tracking. Here is my first one:web 2.0 logo designThis screen shot shows how to create a gradient on the text layer. After choosing the font and size, altering the tracking so that the letters are closer together I go to ‘FX’ > Gradient Overlay. This is the box on the far right ‘Layer Style’ which has got all the options down the left side. Clicking on the ‘Gradient’ drop down the ‘Gradient Editor’ box comes up, which is seen in the screen shot with all the options. I have chosen the top left gradient, which is quite simply ‘darker to lighter’. In the same box the ‘Gradient Type’ has a box of colour, to get this blue that I chose I double clicked on the far left hand, bottom mini arrow, this brings up the ‘Colour Picker’ that is now the top box on my screen. Clicking ‘OK’ to both boxes conforms by choices and takes me back to the ‘Layer Style’, in here I now have many more options for the gradient appearance such as ‘Opacity’ and ‘Blend Mode’, I have gone for 100% and ‘lighten’. Also the angle of the gradient can be changed here, and below that is the scale options. web 2.0 design logo photoshopThis screen shot shows the gradient tool again, but I have altered the text so that the words are different, and so I have changed the colour and angle to make the gradient go from top to bottom with a ‘bland mode’ of normal and 100% opacity. Here are my examples:

web 2 logo design photoshop

The top example has the gradient as shown above already, but I also added a ‘Stroke’ around it in a cold blue and then distorted it, this makes it look ‘fuzzy’. The next one below I wanted to do with no gradient so I chose this smart looking dark blue then added a 2pixel wide stroke around it. The last one I wanted to make the gradient lighter at the top, so it looks like it has  a highlight/shine on it. Also I added a drop shadow. All these effects were altered and created in ‘FX’.

Next I am going to add a shape to my logo. Because my logo is ‘photocube’ I have gone for the cube shape created with the rectangle tool, and chosen rounded rectangle option as this fits into the style of Web 2.0 design, holding down shift as I draw out the cube shape to keep it equal. I then go through the editing process in ‘FX’ with the new rectangle layer until I am happy with it. Here it is finished:

web 2.0 design logo photoshopNext I am going to create a badge/sticker. I think that stickers are fun, so I feel that bright primary colours would suit well. Using the rectangle tool again, I choose ‘other shape’ which brings up a large dropdown box of lots of different shapes in the horizontal bar at the top, from animals, to cubes, to stars etc…I choose a star shape. Using the ‘FX’ like before I bring the star to life with highlights and drop shadows, stroke and gradients. Then add in the text at the end. Here it is:web 2 logo design free sticker photoshop

The last effect I am going to do is letterpress effect. To do this I open a new document, any size that is relevant for what it will be used for, so a header is a good size. Then draw a rectangle to cover the whole area, and fill it with a colour. Then I add some noise by going to Filters> Noise> Add Noise, this is the box that allows you to control the amount of noise:letterpress efect example adding noise

The Amount area lets me control the amount of noise added, I have gone foe 11.86% as I feel this is sufficient. Then I click OK. Next I draw a rounded rectangle, this is the area I want to make look 3D against the background. So I draw out the rounded rectangle and fill it with a colour, then I add a faint drop shadow and outer glow in the FX onto the layer. Then I add the text, a font that is thick and bold works best, not something thin, curly or decorative, as it is meant to emulate punched out letters from a letterpress. So I have chosen the font and now I am going to go back into FX with the text layer selected, and I choose ‘inner shadow’, as seen in the image below:letter press inner shadow

With this box I can then choose the size of the inner shadow and I have chosen 4 pixels for this particular one. I have also added a slight, faint ‘outer glow’. Here is the final one:letterpress

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