Typography Research – 50’s Bomber

Looking at quite a lot of different fonts on websites I came across one that really stood out, it is called Bomber by J. R. Long. J. R. Long’s Bomber is a reminiscent style of the 50’s with condensed lettering it allows designers to utilise narrow design space. It comes with 3 fonts: Regular, In line and Do-dads. bomber font regular

bomber font inline


So as you can see this font also comes with its own dingbats, a set of patterns and shapes that were popular in the 50’s. The great thing about this site is that it gives plenty of examples of graphic design that includes the featured font so you can get a good idea of all the different  ways it can and has been used. See some examples of Bomber used below and see the site here.

bomber font gonzalesImage


3 thoughts on “Typography Research – 50’s Bomber

  1. I absolutely LOVE this font and would love to download it, but the link is dead. 😦 I tried googling the name of the font, but could not find another site that has the font either. Do you know where I could get this font? Thanks!

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