Texture Design Workshop – Creating a Header

So to practice designing a header for a website I am going to use a fictitious name and then find appropriate images to experiment with by choosing suitable fonts and layer blends using Photoshop.

I start by opening a new document 960 x 250-300 pixels big, this is a standard header size. RGB colour at 72dpi.

So to start off with I am going to use Victorian Underworld as my website to design a header for. In Photoshop I am going to use layer blending to create a abstract design between to images, so first I am going to choose my images to work with. Using the Google image search I go to advanced search> usage rights filter> free to use/share commercially. This means that any work I do produce can be used by myself to promote myself without stealing someone else’s work. Also I make sure that the search is going to provide large enough files to work with so I choose Image size> larger than> 4 mb.

So for Victorian Underworld I wanted to use a Victorian map of London as one image, and the other was of a Victorian bicycle. I chose these two images as I feel that they work well together because of the Victorian times the bicycle was a means of transport for people. So here is the image I am going to use, I have resized them suitable to fit into the blog, of the map. I chose a large file size for the map so I could choose a particular area of it to use quite close up.

header design victorian underworld

I don’t have a copy of the other image, but this is what I did to them…..opened them both into seperate new layers in my new Photoshop document, then in the Layers box is the different filters which is the Layer blending, this includes options such as lighten, darken, color burn, linear burn, soft light, hard light and many more. To scroll through the layer blending options I held down shift and pressed +, this gives a instant look at what the layer blend does. When I had chosen a layer blend that I felt worked I then went through the typefaces until I found one that suited. Using the character palette I then altered the text  with type controls such as point size, ledding and tracking. Then I used the effects (FX in layers box) to add some more alterations to the text such as drop shadow and inner shadow and many more. So this is my finished result

victorian underworld header design

Here I have done a black and white one because I feel this is most appropriate for the Victorian theme.

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