Texture Design Workshop – Creating a Header

Another one I did was Bleak Sky, to me this had connotations of crows and stark landscapes with quite dull colours. So I found two images I felt portrayed this bleak atmosphere and used the layer blending to combine them to get this:

blue crows header designWith this image when choosing where to put the text I originally had the text a lot larger and spaced out across the page, but then I decided in the end that a bleak gray colour for the text suited and also I wanted to leave a lot of the cool blue sky visible without text going over much of it as this made it bleaker. I am very happy with the result of this header, I feel it works better than the Victorian Underworld one because the images I used where much simpler it ment that I could have more control about where I placed them with each other and also because they were colour images the layer blending options were considerably different from one to the next compared to the black and white images I used before.


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