Logo Workshop – learning to create a logo

Firstly I started creating experimental designs before starting on one of my own for my exhibition. Using a fictitious brand I chose to call it SoundExplosion. I have been introduced to dings, which is a text, but instead of symbols that represent letters of the alphabet they are little symbols and pictures. There are the standard ones that come with Photoshop called Wingding 1, 2 & 3, as well as these there are some others and also I have been choosing some that I like on dafont.com. This website does dings but it also has a huge range of typefaces as well, so I have been getting some together that I like and may be using in my websites. So below is my first logo for SoundExplosion.

logo design

So here you can see my designs, I find the process of graphic design very different to what I usually do, which is designing and communicating through photographs. When I think about what I am saying in the photograph I usually have a really good idea of what the final image is going to look like in my head before I start photographing. Whereas when I was experimenting with these logo designs I had no idea what I wanted it to look like, and that the process of design was all about trying, experimenting, moving and to keep moving the symbols around until it looks like. So the first logo I did was the SoundExplosion, and using the traditional way of the web in which there are no gaps used to separate words (like in website addresses and emails) I used different colours, a capital ‘E’ and also the bold option to enhance and separate the word ‘Explosion’ from ‘Sound’. The next fictitious company I decided to do a logo for is Eye Scan. I changed the font, and put in the two circles to represent a eye, but didn’t get as far as changing the colour of the font to enhance the design, so I am not pleased with this logo at all. The next logo was one for myself, as I found this much more fun than for a made up company, although only experimental at this stage my first design is shown above. I took the half circle and start shapes from the dings that are shown above, they are called Monotype, but I didn’t like the typeface so I started looking for another one and really liked the one written in black, it is called Nueva Std I then decided to use a circular ding and the letter A to create the negative space around the letter, this is a simple yet effective way of starting to create a logo. Although I have used black and white here it is only a starting point for a logo for my name. I carried on with this by starting a fresh page to start this design afresh.

logo design alice volk

In these designs I have used geometric shapes that I took from the dings seen at the bottom, these dings are called Monotypes,  I carried on using the circle and typeface I used before as I like them together and added a V which makes my initials. I have used a slightly off-white for the letters as it can be seen going over the edge of the circle if you look closely, I like this as to me its more original than fitting inside the circle. The next one I tried still using my initials is a square and a triangle, depending on how you want to look at it, but I do not like this one as much as the green one, but I am trying to experiment with choosing a typeface that works well within each design. The last one is using a triangle, I decided to try using the triangle although it was not a geometric shape that I wanted to incorporate at first, having looked at my initials I decided that a triangle could work well because both my initials use a V shape, which almost looks like two sides of a triangle, so I put the letters together on a horizontal line, and used the blue triangle to create the negative space around the V to show the individual letter, and using the same colour as the triangle for the letter A. I feel that this design works, but needs more doing to it, for example I don’t like the way the triangle lines don’t run parallel with the V lines, so I would need to choose a  different typeface or design my own triangle in Illustrator.

logo design alice volk

This shows the ‘FX’ which is available at the bottom of the layers bar in Photoshop to play around with the text, I have done a screen shot to show the different options, each one is different and I have included one example of the Layer Style above. The other logo is a unfinished one of my initials using a font called Desdemona, I have used capitals A and U (not V) as the U in capitals had a straight edge on the right hand side, so in Photoshop I used edit> transform> flip horizontal, this flipped it horizontally so that the straight lines of the A and U were next to each other creating what is above. I like the typeface as I think its quite Art Nouveau which is a style that I like, also I have added a flower design to the left of the A, this is a ding I found called Vintage, I love the floral designs and would like to design my own, but so that it wraps around the A. Again, something that I will have to learn to do using Illustrator.

screen shot FX in photoshop logo design

The next screen shot shows the options that the Character Pallet does, in this example I have pushed the letters together by changing the tracking (AV <–>) to -100, also I have added height to the text by changing the ledding to 200.

The most used tools in this workshop I used in Photoshop are Text (T), Move (V), the character pallet and the FX layer style options, also  I lernt to flip a layer layer horizontally/vertically by going to Edit> Transform Path. Flip horizontal/vertical.


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