Logo & Branding Workshop

Understanding the basics of logo & branding

Branding – The mark/impression that your product or service leaves on a customer, how people feel about what and what people think of their experience with your product or service. A logo can be used to help customers recognise a brand, but is not required for a brand to be effective.

Logo – A visual symbol to represent a company. Effective logos don’t require reading, they are distinctive and easily recognisable. They convey something about the brand experience of the product / service.

Branding and logos came about after the industrial revolution which meant that factories were replacing peoples jobs and products were no longer from the local community. The manufacturers needed something to put on the products to show the customers something they could recognise and trust. One of the first companies to do this through advertising was Pears Soap, this image is from 1900. Looking through their adverts from this time I noticed they all have children and small animals in them. I don’t know why the pet is in the image, but I think that the child instead of a adult shows innocence and youthfulness, also that it is ok for sensitive and delicate skin that children have. Personally I think the advert is lovely, and the typeface, although quite simple it is very effective and readable.

pears soap advert 1900 logo branding

Nowadays consumers buy items for the brand more than the product, for example, I know that M&S food hall has really, really nice meals, this is not because I know what the product tastes like yet, but because I know and trust the brand.

There is a whole depth of psychology into shape and colour, what each makes us do or feel weather we realise it or not. I am not going to go into depth here about that, but look at different types of logos that already exist to understand them which will help me to start designing my own. A logo is a visual identity, it is a symbol that represents a company. There are different types of symbols (pictographs) used in logo design such as

  • Objects or pictures where the most basic element of the logo shape is made of lines, such as geometric shapes, a circle, square/rectangle or triangle.
  • Natures shapes add a natural look, geometric shapes can often be found in nature too.
  • Abstract shapes are used universally and are recognised globally because they have no written language for example the male / female symbols used on public toilets.
  • Monogram & letter mark is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphic image to form a symbol.
  • Wordmark is a logo without symbols or pictures. So it is a standardized graphic representation of the name of the company. Examples are Wikipedia and Fedex.

Some well known examples are below

logo design

When creating a logo there a multiple elements to consider. They must be describable, effective without the use of colour, memorable and scalable, so the simpler the logo the easier it is to recognise it, even if its small or has no colour. A logo is not just a mark but it must reflect the companies identity and style. Below is some universal abstract symbols.

ding travel sign logo design


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