Moodboard – Image Size

image size moodboard webdesign

This mood boarshows the differnt sizes of images used in photographers website design. It is quite interesting to see how small or large the photographer wants the photos to be.  I have included some I think work anf some I donn’t think work. The top left image is Mario Testinos website, I find this one too ‘in your face’ as the whole website is taken over by one huge image of Stella Tenant. Although it appears to have been muted (in colour) with a slight blur, making the other smaller images stand out. Personally I feel that the images have mostly taken over the site and the text is far too small, making you have to almost squint to read the options for the gallery, contact etc.

The image to the right of that is Tim Walkers, whom I have already used in  my moodboards, as his site has my vote. I feel the smart black, white nd gray scheme with a medium size hero image with the thumbnails to scroll through underneath. Also I like this layout because the image doesn’t go underneath the navigation bar, which I feel makes it harder to read.

The website on the bottom left is Diane Arbus’ and she has presented it as a book, with a different photograph on each page. I think this  looks really sophisticated against the dark gray background, the only think I can fault with it is that there is absolutly no text accompaining each individual image, which as a photographers website, I feel is nessesary to give a title, and the year it was taken at the least.

The last website is DAvid Bailey’s and has a similar feel to Tim Walkers above, white back ground with black/gray text and one simple square hero image in the centre of the site. Although in stead of having the different thumbnail images to scroll through it has numbers. Personally my favourites are the two on the right side because they are simple in colour, layout and design with no distractions from the images themselves, but at the same time the hero image is nominant, but doesn’t take over the whole page.


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