Website for Photographer Tim Walker

Tim walker website design idea

This is a image of photographer Tim Walkers website, to me it really stands out from the other photographers websites I have been looking at because its the most simple and coherent. This is the home page, which has his logo, this I feel is not that great, but what I like is that he has taken the two shades of gray from the logo and used them for the colour of the text through the site. So for example here I was in the ‘Recent Work’ so ‘Recent Work’ comes up as the darker shade of gray used in the logo. Where as the navigation options not being used are in the paler gray, also the text that is given with each image is in the same pale gray,  but in a smaller font size. One other thing that I feel add towards the consistency of the website in the same typeface is used through out and it is used in block capitols, I feel that this makes it easily readable, also I don’t have to jump from one font to another font from one page to the next, see below the next screen shot for a example of this.

Tim Walker photography articles website design

Although this screen shot is a slightly closer version that the one above, his website has the same proportions on each page. This example shows the same font has been used for the website design, with capitals throughout. Also what is different on the example from the home page is the sub navigation/heading under ‘Articles’, this gives a small heading linking you to which article you want to read. I should ad that Tim Walker is a very established photographer and so I would expect his website to be one of the best, have a look at his website for yourself here.

I have done the wire frame for his layout design ………………..

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