Moodboard – Use of Colour in Website Design

colour website design moodboard

I found it really hard to find examples of use of colour in website design when I was only looking at photographers website. I found that because photographers websites are so visual and mostly about the photos displayed, then most photographers websites are white, black and gray. Quite dull colours but they do look professional and are easy to navigate with out any colourful distractions.

The example in the top right corner Janet Penny Photography uses 3 colours, black as the background, personally I always think that this is a bad idea, but she has used two other colours and taken them from her logo and used them for the font colour. I think that using just 3 colours that are already in the logo works really well because its not bland like some of the white, gray, and black websites.

The example below that is James Clark Photography, he has used white as the background and gray and blue. This use of three colours, like the one above works really well.

The website in the bottom left corner is for a clothing company Gubb & Mackie. I like the use of colour which has been used as part of the design as well. For me everything works in this design, except that they have used 4 colours, and I feel that the use of the bright blue that is used in the font in the top left for the navigation bar is completely unreadable, the blue on blue is very hard to read. They could have used the white the same as for the name of the brand.

The car website to the right of that has used a nice colour combination and a design which looks like over size pixels, I feel this works nicely especially as the colours match two of the cars advertised coloured.

The floral colourful website is my favourite so I am going to post it separately so it is clearer to describe and talk about.

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