Moodboard – Navigation Design

This is a moodboard I made of different designs for the navigation bar that I collected from different websites.

I find making moodboards really helps me because things like ‘navigation bars’ is something I have never ever thought about before, so making the board dedicated to different styles and layouts helps me realize a lot, because even though i don’t really know what kind of navigation bars i do like, creating the moodboard allows me to realize what i don’t like, which means I am on my way to realizing what I do like!

So starting at the top left, this navigation bar was taken from a photographers website. The little symbol used next to each option is a aperture ring, so they have chosen this because it is relevant to their profession and I think its fun. So this screen shot was taken when I hovered the cursor over ‘Portraits’ and the icon moves and opens up, like a aperture. I like the idea for this but I don’t like the way each tab has been designed one on top of each other, for me this doesn’t work because having to rows doesn’t look smart, if it were just one row of tabs I would prefer it.

The navigation bar below is taken from a wedding photographers website, you can see the main tabs in a row along the top and underneath is tabs taking you to all of their different projects, in this case weddings. Personally I don’t like this amount of tabs to be displayed on the home page as it takes up too much space and although its a nice and fast way for viewers to access each wedding shoot I feel a tab titled ‘Archive’ or ‘Work’, then a drop down with all these different projects came down, that would be neater.

The one to the right is nice and neat and small and includes a little image above the text for each different tab option. I like this but the images chosen aren’t very professional and so I feel just text would actually look better.

The image to the right of that is another one designed vertically rather than horizontally, like the examples I have put at the bottom of the moodboard, this is more traditional but I’m not sure which I prefer yet. The top and bottom horizontal examples are both awful because they have used a really nasty font and also bad use of colour. Where as the one in the middle, from Rankin’s website is my favorite. It has just five tabs and I think  the capitol font looks smart and easy to read. Although Rankin is one of the UK’s very established photographers so I would expect his website to be very good.

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