Moodboard – Logo Design

Moodboard logo design website photographyWhen researching logo designs I decided to concentrate on only looking at photographers logos as I feel it is more suited to me as a photographer. A lot of the logos on the moodboard use the shape/symbol of a camera, but I like this. especially the simpler ones. As well as including the symbol in the logos, the other logos appearance is including a floral theme, I can only guess but I feel that these are probably women photographers.

Going back to using a camera symbol as part of the design, I think the simplest ones work best. So the top left and middle left logos have used the camera as a part of the wording or context of their chosen genre, so the camera lens is a plate of food because they specialize in food photography. Also the ‘H’ for High Contrast is used as part of the design around the camera. I feel both of these work well but personally, out of them all I prefer the bottom middle logo for Japaneize Photo Festival. I like the text seperate from the logo design as its easier to read and I like the use of colour, which is only black and red.

I feel that logo’s are so important, and I will be designing my own in the near future, so I am going to do some more research looking at them, but I am going to do a broader range, not just photographers ones.

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