pinterest alice inwonderland moodboard explorer visual

A favourite website of mine is Pinterst. It is a very visual way of working, which suits me well! This is my profile and my boards, each has a photo, with four smaller ones underneath that you have ‘pinned’ to the particular board. So here you can see some of my board titles include; Current Inspiration, Colour, La Mode, Architechture, Interior Inspiration etc.

The Colour Turquoise pinterest moodboard visual explorer

For each board that I create Pinterest lets me name it what ever I want, and also give a description of what it is underneath. So this is my board titled ‘The Colour Turquoise’. All the individual images are pinned onto here by me. Pinterest is great for so many reasons, firstly it can be used purely for visual reasons, for example creating boards just for fun and to look at or show people your inspirations. A lot of businesses have a Pinterest account to promote themselves because they can pin photos of what they sell or are trying to promote. Secondly it is a way of remembering websites, because each image that you pin from the internet, Pinterest links you straight back to where the image is from, so you can see underneath the first image of some glass bottles underneath it says ‘party drinks’, which is the caption I chose for the image, then underneath in gray is the website I took it from. So this is beneficial because it means when pinning images you don’t have to link the website manually yourself, also because it is a way of remembering websites that you like, or have used for inspiration or what to shop at or just because its a way of book marking a website because you want to remember it for future reference. Or if you have a image that is not from a website, for example because I’m a photographer I take a lot of photographs myself then I can upload them straight from my laptop. The photo to the right of the bottles which is a car, underneath you can see in gray instead of a link to a website it says ‘uploaded by user’, because it is exactly that.

Follow me on Pinterest or have a look at my boards here or see my board The Colour Turquoise here


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